This squirrel peeked at me through the dining room window. I’m sure many people consider squirrels annoying pests. However, this critter, with its eye glaring, seems to say,“Don’t even think about attaching that label to me!”

Labels. Most of us have had a label attached at one time or another. A label that did not fit. A limiting, discouraging label.

Today I’m reading Helping Children Overcome Learning Disabilities by Jerome Rosner. This book interests me because my sister, who passed away eight years ago, never received the help she needed for her unique learning needs. There’s an ache in my heart when I remember her struggles.

Labels. Stigma. Frustration. She faced it all.

Jerome Rosner offers hope for labeled children. “A learning disability need not be forever!” he writes. He encourages placing children into optimum learning categories rather than focusing on their apparent disabilities.

In the future, through a mid-grade novel, I hope to portray a challenged child overcoming
obstacles, compensating weaknesses, and finding success throughout her teen years.

“Even if your child has lost hope, keep hoping for them. Forever.” – from A Special Kind of Love by Susan Titus Osborn and Janet Lynn Mitchell.


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