Facing fears. Dealing with physical illness. Studying for a difficult test. Overcoming procrastination. Plowing through family problems.

Life’s challenges distress and disappoint. However, instead of wallowing in questions and drowning in depression, we can consider our personal challenge as a mountain to climb.

Mountain climbing requires preparation. Hikers consult maps, find proper shoes, pack layers of clothing, carry extra water, and tuck in energy snacks.

In the same way, conquerors of life issues prepare. The Bible is an excellent life map. We can prepare for the trip by memorizing nourishing scriptures. We can quench our thirst for hope with prayer. Warmth and protection are found in the love of family and friends. Most of all, we can step into the shoes of faith. No matter what happens on our journey, God watches over us. He guides our steps. He knows our future. His mercy is new every
morning. His love reaches beyond understanding.

Sure, facing a life challenge is usually not as exciting as a backpacking trip. Dealing with a problem is not as thrilling as a vacation adventure. But conquering mountains of any type, physical or otherwise, adds strength, endurance, and vitality to our lives. Along the way, we encourage others. We may even create a new path of discovery for others to follow.

“Now go climb your scary mountain, at least once.” –Jay Heinrichs,
Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, July 2011

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