Crash-Bang Events

During a recent visit to Tehachapi, California, we toured the Errea House, originally built between 1870-1875.

We walked through the dining room to a long, enclosed porch that forms a hallway leading to the bedrooms of the home. One of the homeowners added this passage after a 1952 earthquake toppled a water tower, crushing the roof at the back of the house.

Before this event, residents of the home had to walk outside from the dining and living room area—usually into harsh weather conditions—in order to reach their bedrooms.

For over eighty years, no one, in the variety of owners, made the effort to enclose the porch and make life in the home more efficient and comfortable. It took a crash-bang situation to bring about change.

Life’s events crash on everyone. All of us–children, preteens, and adults–face illness, death, divorce, broken friendships, and financial setbacks. Yet the very events, which at first seem devastating, often create healthy change.

Imagine someone, in the Errea House way back in the 50s, snuggling under the covers on a windy, frosty night, muttering with frustration. “Why didn’t we enclose that porch years ago?”

It’s similar to our prayers sometimes. “Lord, why did this happen in my life. I don’t understand. How will I make it through this problem?”

And a little whisper from heaven floats along with the wind. My child, I’ve been with you all along. Sorry I had to allow shaking to come along to help you find
a new path. But don’t be too upset. If you love me and stay close to my side, everything always works together for your good.

The crash-bang event in your life—no matter how troubling and confusing—can lead to a higher path and a brighter destiny. Hang on, trust God, keep the faith, and hope for a brighter day.

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One Response to Crash-Bang Events

  1. Ellie Lowe says:

    I was wondering what it was like to be there. Thanks! Your story and pictures are beautiful!

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