Dear Diary

Pulled out two diaries the other day. From the faded pages, I read my preteen thoughts and observations. What? No way! I wrote that? I shook my head in disbelief. I laughed. I groaned with embarrassment.

Then I remembered my recent study of the book, “Engaging ‘Tweens and Teens: A Brain-Compatible Approach to Reaching Middle and High School Students,” by Raleigh Philp. In summary, the preteen/teen brain is still under development. Impulse control, decision-making, and higher-order skills emerge during adulthood.

By becoming aware of this continuing neurological growth, parents and teachers of preteens can develop greater compassion and understanding. Our positive guidance leaves a significant imprint.

Mr. Philp sums it up perfectly, “The more you know about this age, the more exciting it is to work with them.”

Find his book here:

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