From Mush to Fragrance

Enjoyed a baking session this week with family and friends.

Bananas ripen too fast during summer heat and each of us had a few slimy bananas to donate to the cause. From those revolting, mushy, darkened blobs of fruit, we created fragrant, sweet, nutritious loaves of bread.

Later in the day, a conversation revived memories of my preteen years. I remembered gloomy spaces, heart-wrenching conditions, and embarrassing circumstances. Looking back, I realize darkness and confusion could have ruled my entire life.

However, Jesus took the disgusting and created peace. His light illuminated a higher path. I chose His way and I’ve never been sorry. In His presence, life becomes a very special occasion—a sweet fragrance to savor.

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One Response to From Mush to Fragrance

  1. Bonnie says:

    A wonderful story of God’s redemption….He changes our tears into joy, our sorrow into happiness….gives beauty for ashes and turns a heart of stone into a heart of softness. No wonder we praise Him!!!

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