Fall Changes

Finally . . . summer loosens its grip. Fall peeks around the corner. This dormant blog waits for change.

Challenges abounded this summer. First, an editing project disappeared in the mail. After a rush job to do it over, I filled in at an admin job for a friend while she had surgery. In between, I scrambled to create lessons for children at church.

It’s been a wild ride. My creative self evaporated. Humidity slithered in to take its place. We’re usually spoiled with pleasant weather in southern California. Humid days can really make me whine. Even beaches sweltered this year.

However, at a sticky, sandy beach, God answered a prayer. I had asked Him for a break in my strenuous routine while my husband was away on a mission trip to Guatemala. One night, close to midnight, as I typed away on a lesson for kids about answered prayer, my e-mail notification dinged.

I clicked.

At a state park not far from my home, an inexpensive dorm room in a seaside cottage was available for two nights.


I reserved it immediately, while thanking God for such an awesome answer just in time. It was a refreshing break—complete with cozy, giggly fun with my four-year-old granddaughter.

Now, let those fall changes happen. I am ready to get this blog back on track!


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