Beauty in the Storm

Yesterday, a rainy morning dawned under leaden thunderclouds. Rumbles shook the sky. An unusual ginger color descended like a clear mist over my backyard. Curiously, a rose seemed to glow in the strange setting. It was if the storm had created a new dimension of color.

I remembered an October day, nine years ago, when my sister struggled in the final battle of her cancer journey. Darkness, fear, and uncertainty swirled around our family. Yet, in that gloomy environment, faith flourished. Just like the glowing rose, it still amazes me.

Along our dark path of sorrow, God planted lilies. He brought heroes into our situation—people of integrity, kindness, and love. He kept us safe in every dangerous situation as we drove 350 miles from our homes to our sister’s hospital room. He provided a way for my sister to finish her troubled life with “Amazing Grace.”

Yes, even as we sang the beautiful song at her funeral, we felt a covering of love and protection. Doves fluttered into the sky near her graveside, reminding us our spirits would be with hers one day in a much better place.

Today, I see her children and grandchildren thriving. Broken relationships have been restored. We have been reunited with three of her daughters, who were adopted by others and away from our family for years.

Jesus makes all things beautiful—even during a storm.

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