The Little Things

Outside of my faith, nothing in my life is more important than my family. The gratefulness I feel for each of them far surpasses any thankfulness for achievement and material possessions.

Today as I rush from store to store, buying last-minute ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, I pause for a few moments to remember the most important things.

Recently I heard an interview, recorded some time ago. During the conversation, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, paused. I felt his sincerity and careful reflection. Then he expressed his regrets that his work required so much time away his family.

He passed away this year, leaving worldwide, well-deserved accolades. His accomplishments influenced history. Yet, I wonder about his last moments. Did he relive those first steps into moon dust? Or, did he think . . . about the most important things?

No matter how high we soar in life, the little things matter the most. Twinkling eyes. Pattering feet. Cozy hugs. Even crumbs on the floor and fingerprints scattered across the windowpane. The precious, priceless treasures of family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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