Pole Removal

During our Thanksgiving gathering, we pulled out our family trivia cards. This tradition always brings laughs and memories. Every year we add a few cards with details from the current year or tales from ancient times.

Once again, everyone heard one of my many embarrassing moments. The historical scene flashed through my mind as my daughter-in-law read the card aloud.

I’d just left the grocery store. After piling my bags in the trunk, I hopped in the car, and backed out of the parking space.


I hit a pole.

In the car next to me, a family looked up with great surprise. Probably because I could have pulled forward instead of backing up.

I put the car in park and jumped out to see the damage. A nice dent decorated the bumper. Knowing my husband’s intense struggle with damage to his cars, I felt quite upset. I got back in the driver’s seat, put the car in gear, and took off.


Yes, I really did.

Hit. The. Pole. Again!

Now the people next to me were REALLY staring.

Somehow, I managed to take the car out of reverse, drive forward, and make it home. I don’t even remember hubby’s reaction. It must have been unusually mild—thank goodness! The embarrassment was enough to cure me of driving stupid—for a while, anyway.

So . . . today, I am working through my notes from reading The Compound Effect. While completing worksheets from Darren Hardy’s awesome website, I look at my lists. I’m tired of seeing the same words every time I pursue change in my life.

How many times have I hit poles of bad habits?

Over. And. Over. Again.

It’s time to get those poles out of the way and move forward into 2013 with new routines and behaviors in place.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

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