Since beginning this blog, I have floundered with its purpose. Sure, I’d like to sell a book someday. Blogs provide avenues of marketing. And, yes, I enjoy sharing creative observations and sensory details.

However . . . my life is busy. Faith and family are daily priorities. I don’t have time to wander down unnecessary pathways—even with my love of writing. And . . . there must be a valid reason to push my introverted self out into cyberspace.

Preteens provide the reason—especially preteens struggling with difficult circumstances. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to help a child—or a parent, a grandparent, or another teacher of preteens.

This was on my mind as I prepared for a new teaching session at my church. I searched for a way to understand our preteens. Just before I created a questionnaire for the kids, I clicked on Darren Hardy’s blog. I have followed it since reading his book, “The Compound Effect.” His ideas meshed with my personality and I have used many of his suggestions to overcome unhealthy habits in my life.

I found this post:

Although his thought in this post applies to marketing in the business environment, I wondered if I could benefit from a similar process. My goal is to connect with preteens. Often, I teach lessons from my point of view, missing the needs of preteens. If I want to influence them, I need to know their thoughts, fears, and dreams.

We did the survey last week. I was surprised at the results. I’ll keep you posted about our progress.

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