True Success

IMG_6124While looking over last week’s questionnaires from my preteen students, I found many of their observations surprising. I’ll be addressing many of their hopes, worries, and fears in future class projects.

However, my first concern is complete biblical salvation. As these kids rush into their teen years, their hearts won’t be as receptive to God. Statistics prove this fact. If my students do not decide to follow Jesus now, there’s a chance they never will.

Salvation is the foundation of a successful life.

Success comes in many forms. Academic achievement. Physical skill. Athletic performance. Financial savvy. Relationship building.

All important.

And, yet, if one does not know the King of Kings in the power of His Spirit, life is empty.

A preteen, applying the biblical plan of salvation, guarantees a bright future. It will not matter what obstacles life doles out. Riches, power, and fame may never be a part of that child’s life. Yet, the priorities of greatest importance will be in place. And that child will find success.

How do I know?

The Lord did it for me.

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