From Their Perspective

Reaching toward preteens from my perspective has not always worked. I am w-a-y past their vantage point!

A tiny problem may seem gigantic from a preteen outlook.








As a result of the student surveys we completed a couple of weeks ago, I can peek into the lives of thirteen kids, ranging in age from ten to twelve years.

Their major concern – school!

This surprised me. It also brought an understanding of earlier class discussions where I learned some of our students cheat to get better grades.

In an effort to help our students in this area, we focused this week’s lesson on obeying God and His Word. To illustrate, we used Exodus 3 and 4, discussing God’s call to Moses. Unfortunately, Moses did not immediately obey. Even when God showed him a miracle or two, Moses made excuses.

God became angry! (See Exodus 4:14.) Obedience is a major deal with Him!

However, when Moses finally obeyed, he found blessings. He also helped many other people.

To apply the lesson, we discussed how it is sometimes difficult to obey God, parents, and teachers. We let the kids share a few situations from their lives.

We talked about obeying God’s instructions about honesty. Then, we asked, “Should we cheat to get good grades?”

Eyes opened wide.

Wiggles ended.

We had their attention!

It was a moment to walk through the open doors of their hearts. We prayed. We shared personal stories. We used related object lessons.

We met preteens at their need. And God did the rest.

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