The Pit

Upstairs, on the right. It’s the apartment where I lived as a teen.

IMG_7186 - Copy

Years ago, it didn’t look quite this rundown, but it sure wasn’t a place anyone with better options would choose to live. Divorce had crushed our family. It brought us to this town, miles from our friends. We didn’t know anyone when we arrived.

My husband and I stopped here last weekend during a trip to the area. We were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary. We talked about the times he had driven one hundred miles to visit me here. We remembered happy days. He snapped a picture of the high school I attended. We reminisced about our first dates.

Yet, even in the midst of our delightful time together, I wrestled with the memories. The impact of those lonely teen years hit me all over again. Grief overwhelmed. Wracked me with sobs. Squeezed my heart into a knot. I felt the darkness, the despair. Looking back, I realized I didn’t even know a better way at the time. The path was so familiar; it was all I knew.

And, yet . . . as I remembered . . . gratefulness filled my senses. A refrain paraded through my mind. Lord, You have brought me a mighty long way. My Heavenly Father watched over our family—even before my mother found the apartment.

With loving arms, the Lord guided us to dear members of the tiny United Pentecostal Church in town. They took us in, sheltered, and fed us. They made room in their lives, and their homes, for a single mom with four daughters. Their kindness, love, concern, and gifts of charity will never be forgotten.

God placed other people to help us—elderly neighbors, with tender hearts. They talked with us. They shared with us. They helped us in our difficult journey. And, on and on, throughout my life, the Lord has guided me to classes, people, teachers, pastors, books, and resources. Each step led me to a higher path, emotional healing, and healthy family relationships. God always places lilies in the valley. He always provides a better way.

This is the reason I write for children. This motivates me to teach preteens. This brings about hours of research. This is why I create and edit Sunday school curriculum. Children in difficulty grip my heart. I feel their pain. I understand their numb confusion. However, I also know what God can do.

An old song expresses my life story.

“I’ll tell of the pit with its gloom and despair. I’ll praise the dear Father who answered my prayer. I’ll sing of salvation at home and abroad ‘til many shall hear the truth and trust in God. He brought me out of the miry clay. He set my feet on the Rock to stay. He puts a song in my heart today—a song of praise, hallelujah.”

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7 Responses to The Pit

  1. foxinsoxsir says:

    This is beautiful, Deanna…a glimpse of your heart and of your journey with Christ!

    Blessings~ Kim

  2. Dorlene Russell says:

    Deanna — thanks for sharing and for reaching out to help others! Beautiful! I didn’t realize the depth of your pain during that time.


  3. Rob Russell says:

    This is great, Deanna! I did not know much about this chapter so it is very enlightening and God-glorifying.

  4. You’ve touched my heart. I’ve also experienced the outburst of emotion when facing a memory from the past. I know how the hurts that we’ve put away can come up front to scare us, to surround us with gloom, into feeling the dreads of the past. Your writing is beautiful. I admire the devotion you expend in your purpose to serve God by blessing young children.
    Blessings to you in all that you do.

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