In southern California’s dry climate, native plants hide in dormancy most of the year. However, after a brief rainy season, golden poppies transform hillsides into brilliant displays. It is a transformation–a complete makeover.

IMG_6907Today, in late July, California poppies have long receded into the barren, brown landscape of the surrounding hills. But I am rejoicing about a transformation. It is one much more valuable than a beautiful flower. It is a transformed life—the heart and soul of a preteen girl.

She attended summer camp last week. She found complete salvation just as the early church discovered in the Bible, in Acts 2.

This precious student had often attended my class wrapped in shadows of depression. She seemed withdrawn into a shell, most likely caused by great tragedy in her family. Her attitude displayed her confusion.

Last night, I saw a new creation! A bright smile. A pleasant attitude. A miracle of Bible salvation. It was as if a soft paintbrush had erased the brokenness and adorned this girl with a new appearance.

At eleven years of age, I experienced the same miracle at a summer camp. I remember walking outside into the starry night, realizing everything looked brighter. Transformation. It still happens today!

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