Favorite Flavors


What are we serving our preteens?

Do we know their favorite flavors?

A preteen stands at a junction, a crossing point, an intersection. The road of life extends in the distance. Parental influence begins to fade into the background. Peers beckon with welcoming arms. Independence whispers.

Changes emerge from all directions. A preteen hears the rushing traffic of conflicting opinions—the questions hard to answer.

A few years of childhood remain. However, physical, mental, and emotional clues indicate the teen and adult years ahead.

Are we meeting the needs of preteens? Are we connecting with their souls? Are we offering their favorite flavors?

Or . . . are we attempting to communicate with our own pet methods? I have been there; done that.

What is the avenue that transmits adult wisdom to a preteen? How do we accomplish the task?

Technology speeds forward. We stumble. Try to push the right buttons. Scramble for the perfect source. It seems impossible.

One Source—The Lord Jesus Christ—transcends generations. His Word always fits.

“For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

If we look beyond our comfort zone, open our hearts, and listen to His direction, we will find essence to feed the preteen soul. We will discover flavors to stimulate thinking, nutrients to build character, and solutions to equip preteens.

This is my hope as I prepare a lesson today . . .

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